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1. About us
2. Using our Site
3. Registration
4. Your Content – what we are allowed to do
5. Your Content – what you are not allowed to do
6. Suspending or terminating your registration
7. Third party content and links available on this Site
8. Your personal information
9. Our liability
10. Maintenance of the Site
11. Validity of these terms
12. Jurisdiction and applicable law
1. About us
1.1. This Site is operated by Newsthrottle llc, a company registered in New York with an office at 157 7TH Avenue South (“we”, “us”, “our”). You can contact us using the following email address: support@newsthrottle.com
2. Using our Site
2.1. You may view (and, where applicable) listen to) the content available on the Site for personal non-commercial use. You may occasionally print individual web pages on the Site for your private non-commercial use, provided that such printing is not substantial or systematic and our trademarks and copyright and trade mark notices are not removed.
2.2. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, you must not (whether directly or indirectly) copy, download, store, make available, distribute, sell or offer to sell all or any part of the content or Site, or download or otherwise copy (whether directly or indirectly) any content, files or data from the Site to make or populate a database or publication of any kind whatsoever. If you require any further information on permitted use, or a license to re publish any part of the Site (or any Content), please email us at info@newsthrottle.com.
2.3. You may only play video or audio files using the media player on our Site.
2.4. If you would like a friend to read a story or watch or listen to a video or audio file on our Site, please use the ‘Email to a Friend’ or ‘Share this Article’ facilities on our Site, or you may email a link to our Site to your friend or simply ask them to visit our Site. Please ensure that you have their consent before giving us their details.
2.5. You must not use all or any part of our Site or the contents on it for commercial purposes without our permission.
2.6. Users, whether or not registered, must not abuse our Report Abuse facility e.g. by making malicious reports.
3. Registration
3.1. You must be 16 years old or older to register and submit material (e.g. comments) to the Site.
3.2. Only one registration per person is allowed. You must keep your registration information up to date.
3.3. You must choose an email address which gives you frequent access to emails sent to that address, as we need to be able to contact you. You must keep your password confidential.
3.4 You must not:
(i) Impersonate or try to impersonate another person;
(ii) Disclose your password to anyone else;
(iii) Allow anyone else use your account;
(iv) Use anyone else’s account.
3.5. You are responsible for everything done using your account. If you think that someone else may have access to, or be using, your password or account, you must tell us as soon as possible by emailing, support@newsthrottle.com .
4. Your content – what we are allowed to do
4.1. We may publish, check, edit or remove all or part of the comments or other material, including your name, town and country, which you submit to us (‘Your Content’), at our sole discretion. We are not obliged to do any of these things and we may not.
4.2. You retain any copyright you may have in Your Content. By submitting material to us, you grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive worldwide license to use, copy, edit, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, make available, communicate and distribute Your Content (in whole or part) and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed. By submitting Your Content, you warrant that you have the right to grant this license. The license is capable of sub-license by us to other entities and brands in our group of companies without limitations.
4.3. To the extent permitted by law, you waive your moral rights (e.g. the right to be identified as author or to object to derogatory treatment) in Your Content.
This clause 4 means, for example (without limitation), that we can:
· Continue to publish all or part of Your Content, including your name, town and country, even if you change your mind and want us to remove it and/or you are no longer registered with the Site;
· Remove Your Content, even if you have not breached these Terms;
· Use all or part of Your Content in promoting our products and services (e.g. we may use a screenshot including your comments in our advertising);
· Edit your Content, which may result in a part of it being modified and displayed, including without your name. Please note that we do not check, monitor, and moderate or even see all the comments and other material submitted to us. While some comments are pre-moderated (i.e. checked in advance by us before publication), some are not.
5. Your content – what you are not allowed to do
5.1. You must not submit any material to our Site that:
(a) is:
(i) Defamatory, malicious, threatening, false, misleading, offensive, abusive, discriminatory, harassing, blasphemous or racist,
(ii) Indecent, obscene or of a sexual nature,
(iii) A breach of confidentiality or someone’s privacy;
(b) Could prejudice any active legal proceedings of which you are aware;
(c) is likely to:
(i) Cause someone alarm, anxiety or distress;
(ii) Encourage violence or racial or religious hatred;
(d) Infringes any intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trade marks. This means generally that you must own the rights in everything you submit or must obtain permission from the rights owner to submit the material;
(e) is technically harmful (including, without limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, harmful components, corrupted data or other malicious software, harmful data or conduct);
(f) advertises any product or services;
(g) impersonates anyone else or otherwise misrepresents your identity, affiliation or status;
(h) is in breach of these Terms;
(i) is, encourages or teaches conduct that is a criminal offence, gives rise to civil liability, or is otherwise unlawful;
5.2. You must not include links on the Site to any websites or web pages.
5.3. You must not try to get round any protections we put in place for the security and operation of the Site.
5.4. You must not re-submit content which you are aware has been removed.
6. Suspending or terminating your registration
6.1. We may suspend, terminate or prevent your registration at our sole discretion. This may be because, for example, we consider that you have breached or will breach these Terms or someone has reported abuse. However, we are not obliged to do these things, we decide.
6.2. Where we suspend, terminate or prevent your registration, you must not attempt to re-register or submit content (e.g. using someone else’s registration), without our permission. The period of any suspension depends on all the circumstances.
7. Third party content and links available on this Site
7.1. We are not liable or responsible for the third party content on this Site. Third party content includes, for example, comments posted by users and the content of advertisements.
7.2. Where this Site contains links to other sites and resources, which are provided by third parties, these links and resources are provided for your information only and you access them at your own risk. We are not liable or responsible for the content of third party sites or resources.
If you see something which you reasonably believe breaches these Terms, please use the Report Abuse facility. If there is no facility available, please contact us on support@newsthrottle.com.
8. Your personal information
8.1. We will use your personal information in accordance with New York and Federal laws, which forms part of these Terms.
9. Our liability
9.1. The information contained on this Site is for information purposes only and does not constitute advice. You should check any information on the Site and use your own judgment before doing or not doing anything on the basis of what you see. We give no warranties of any kind in relation to the Site or its contents.
9.2. Except for liability for fraudulent misrepresentation, we are not liable for:
(a) Any action you may take as a result of relying on any information provided on this Site or for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of you taking this action;
(b) Any dealings you have with third parties (e.g. other users, advertisers or promoters) that take place using or facilitated by the Site;
(c) Any liability for losses which are not a foreseeable or likely consequence of (i) your use of the Site, or (ii) a breach of these Terms.
9.3. We are not responsible if you cannot access the Site properly or at all because of any event outside our control, for example (without limitation) the performance of your or our ISP, your browser or the Internet.
9.4. The Site relies in part on software to work. Software has bugs. Whilst we will monitor the Site and try to fix bugs, we cannot guarantee that the Site or any individual feature of the Site will be error free, available all the time and/or free from viruses.
9.5. However, nothing in these Terms will affect any liability we may have for death or personal injury arising from our negligence or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited by law.
10. Maintenance of the Site
10.1. Making your use of the Site enjoyable means we need to fix bugs, install updates and do general diagnosis and maintenance of the Site. We will try to do scheduled maintenance during times when we anticipate that online use is lower than normal.
10.2. We also need to be able to do emergency maintenance and/or suspend access to the servers where, in our reasonable discretion, we see the need to do that. We will try to have the Site available again as soon as we think it is safe to do so.
11. Validity of these Terms
11.1. If any part or provision of these Terms is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of any other part or provision.
12. Jurisdiction and applicable law
12.1. These Terms are governed by New York State and Federal law. The U.S. courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute relating to these Terms.


Privacy policy & cookies
Please note, this privacy policy applies to this website or our mobile applications (for example our iPhone, android and iPad apps) (a “Site”). If you do not accept this privacy policy and cookies notice, do not use this Site. Newsthrottle llc may, use and share, the information you provide and other information held about you for the purposes set out below.
When you create or log in to an on-line account you agree to our privacy policy and cookie notice. Information collected from your use of this website or our mobile applications (for example, iPhone, android and iPad apps) will be processed in accordance with this notice.
Privacy notice
Information we may hold about you
· Information you’ve provided to us, including our
· Information about products and services you’ve
ordered or inquired about
· Information provided by other companies who have
obtained your permission to share information about you
· Information about your interaction with adverts and
services such as registration, comments
· Information we collect using cookies stored on your
device (for example, this may be a PC, phone or tablet)
about your use of Mail On-line and/or selected third
party websites. For more information on cookies and
how to manage them, please see our cookies notice
· Your IP address, this is a number that identifies a
specific network device on the Internet and is required
for your device and is required for your device to
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· Technical information from your device relating to
the service you receive
· Information relating to the location of the device
you uses to access our Site.
Please do not submit your personal information to us if you do not wish us to collect it. Message boards, blogs and other public forums Please note, the Site makes message boards, blogs and
other such user generated content facilities available to users of the Site and registered users can provide content for and participate in these facilities. Any information that is disclosed in these areas of our Site becomes public information and you should always be careful when deciding to disclose your personal information. For more information, please click on the Site’s Terms.
Email a friend and share these article facilities Please note, when you use these facilities and provide us with personal data (e.g. the name and email address) of a third party, please ensure that you have their consent before giving us their details. Location-based and user specific services Delivery of certain content on the Site requires you to agree to the use of your location (for example to deliver content, advertising or services such as weather that need to be relevant to where you are) along with an anonymous device identifier to enable us to recognize your browser or mobile device and provide these services across subsequent visits to our Site. To enable the delivery of these services we will use(i) the latitude and longitude of your location and (ii) your Identifier for Advertisers (IFA) code for your iPhone, or the Android ID on Android or, place a unique cookie on the browser of your device when you first visit the Site , or a similar identifier as applicable
(each a “Device Identifier”). See our Cookies notice for more information on the use of cookies and Device
Identifiers on our Site.
Your location will be determined either from a lookup of your public IP address (sent in the request for content to our servers) from a public GeoIP database (effectively giving us the location of your Internet Service Provider), or directly from the device depending on its capabilities and the permissions granted to access this information. If you consent, your location and Device Identifier
will be used so that we can, together with our advertisers, provide content and advertising which is relevant to both you and your location (called “Personalized Advertising”). Please see Internet Based Advertising, Advertising Services below for further information. You can unsubscribe from these users and location based services or withdraws your consent to receiving Personalized Advertising at any time by setting the ‘Do Not Track’ preference in your browser. More information about how to do this is available by visiting our ‘controlling interest based advertising and other third party cookies’ page. You can also set the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ property located in the settings screen of your Apple iPhone or iPad, or by resetting your Android ID through many of the apps that do this available in the Play Store. You can also stop all information collection by uninstalling applications on your device. You may use the standard uninstall process available as part of your mobile device. How we may use your information By using this Site, you agree that we may collect, hold process and use your information (including personal information) for the purpose of providing you with the Site services and developing our business which shall include (without limitation):
· Verifying your identity (for example when you
return to the Site)
· Personalizing your visits to the Site and
developing the design and style of the Site to improve
the services provided to you
· Informing you about the latest changes to the Site,
or products, services or promotional offers that you
might find interesting
· Dealing with, and responding to you about, a
comment you have submitted for or on our message
boards, blogs and other such user generated content
· Enabling you to share our content with others e.g.
using our Email a friend and Share this article
· Informing you if you have been successful in any
Site competitions or promotions
· Compiling customer reviews
· Conducting market research
· Carrying out statistical, technical and logistical
· According to your preferences, communicating (and
personalizing such communication) with you:
· To send you periodic newsletters about your chosen
· To send you direct marketing. This may include
communications by post, telephone or email or SMS about
us and our business partners’ products and services,
events and special offers, including where applicable,
for a reasonable time after you have ceased to be a
reader of ours
· To provide you with personalized services, such as
providing with you with viewing recommendations and
tailored advertising. This includes where we have
agreement to store information about you on the devices
you use, for example to make some of the adverts you
see more relevant to you
· To provide you with location based services such as
weather information based on your location
· To provide you with advertising more relevant to
your interests and your on-line behavior through the
use of cookies when you visit our website(s)
We may share your personal information with other companies. Subject to obtaining your consent, we may also supply personal information about you to third parties We may transfer, sell or assign any of the information described in this policy to third parties as a result of a sale, merger, consolidation, change of control, transfer of assets or reorganization of our business. Updating your preferences · Marketing
You can opt out by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link
in the direct marketing/newsletter emails from us. Or
you can use the contacting us details at the end of
this privacy notice.
· Online behavioral advertising (OBA)
If you do not want to receive on-line advertising where
this advertising is relevant to your interests, or
don’t want information processed through the use of
cookies, please see the section below on cookies.
Interest based advertising
Cookies used by Newsthrottle llc.
In order to fund our websites we run advertising on them – much of this advertising is run by Google Adsense and CommissionJunction. To make its advertising more relevant and effective, the network uses a range of technologies provided by third parties; many of which use cookies. Cookies are files that store small amounts of information on your computer or other device (for
example, your mobile phone). None of the cookies that we use contain information such as your real name or address, so you cannot be identified personally by them. Some of the cookies used by our websites are set by us, and some are set by third parties who are delivering services on our behalf.

Advertising services
We gather anonymous information such as on the types of pages visited, and keywords searched on in order to build an overall, but anonymous, picture of interests or preferences based on individual users browsing habits so that we can offer a more personal experience. To this information, we include information relating to a user’s country, region and connection type gathered
from elements of the IP of the browsing device. This practice is a core method used by our group to make our on-line advertising more efficient for our advertisers and more relevant to consumers.
With permission from our advertisers, we also collect information about their sites, for use on their advertising campaigns. This is often called Retargeting, or Re-marketing, and involves showing ads to groups of users that have, for example, visited that client’s homepage. We will also gather information, still anonymously, on the users that reach an action page on an advertiser’s
site. This allows us to monitor how many sales or actions we achieve for a client, and therefore how effective our advertising is. In order to know how many advertisements we serve, how many times these are clicked, how many advertisements we show to a given user and how many customer actions these generate, we use cookies when we show advertisements on a page.
As well as our licensed ad servers, ads are also often served from third-party ad servers, such as those of media agencies, which all use cookies to track the same metrics as ours do. For more information about interest based advertising and how to turn this feature off, please see our cookies notice below. Ad verification technology In order to protect our advertisers’ brands, we often
use a technology that scans the page to ascertain that it is safe from profane, sensitive & potentially brandnegative topics, before serving an ad there. This process is called Ad Verification, and these technologies use cookies to count ads served, those blocked, clicked and engaged by a user (i.e. they have hovered over them with their cursor).
Safeguards and Security
No data transmission over the Internet can be entirely secure, so we do not guarantee the security of your personal information and/or use of the Site. However, we use reasonable endeavors to protect the security of your personal information from unauthorized access or use by using encryption technology. In addition to these safeguards, your personal information is protected in the United States Federal Laws and UK by the Data Protection Act 1998. This provides that the information which we hold about you should be processed fairly and lawfully, should be accurate, relevant and not excessive, not be retained for longer than is necessary and, if applicable, be kept up to date.
Cookies notice
You should be aware that when you use our websites, mobile sites, or mobile apps, we may collect information by using ‘cookies’. What are cookies and how do they work? Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognize you and can then tailor what you see on the screen. What do you use cookies for? Cookies are an important part of the Internet. They make using websites much smoother and affect lots of the useful features of websites. There are many different uses for cookies, but they fall into four main groups: (i) Cookies that are needed to provide the service you have asked for Some cookies are essential so you can move around the website and use its features. Without these cookies, services you’ve asked for can’t be provided. These cookies don’t gather information about you that could
be used for marketing or remembering where you’ve been on the Internet. Here are some examples of essential cookies:
· Keeping you logged in during your visit; without
cookies you might have to log in on every page you go
· When you add something to the on-line shopping
basket, cookies make sure it’s still there when you get
to the checkout.
· Some are session cookies which make it possible to
navigate through the website smoothly. However these
are automatically deleted after you close your web
(ii) Improving your browsing experience These cookies allow the website to remember choices you make, such as your language or region and they provide improved features.
Here are a few examples of just some of the ways that cookies are used to improve your experience on our websites:
· Remembering your preferences and settings,
including marketing preferences.
· Remembering if you’ve filled in a survey, so you’re
not asked to do it again.
· Remembering if you’ve been to the site before. If
you are a first-time user, you might see different
content to a regular user.
· Restricting the number of times you’re shown a
particular advertisement. This is sometimes called
‘frequency capping’.
· Showing you information that’s relevant to products
of ours that you have.
· Enabling social media components, like Facebook or
· Showing ‘related article’ links that are relevant
to the page you’re looking at.
· Remembering a location you’ve entered such as
weather forecasts.
(iii) Analytics We like to keep track of what pages and links are popular and which ones don’t get used so much to help us keep our sites relevant and up to date. It’s also very useful to be able to identify trends of how people navigate (find their way through) our sites and if they get ‘error messages’ from web pages. This group of cookies often called ‘analytics cookies’ is used to gather this information. These cookies don’t collect information that identifies you. The information collected is anonymous and is grouped with the information from everyone else’s cookies. We can then see the overall patterns of usage rather than any one person’s activity. Analytics cookies only record activity on the site you are on and they are only used to improve how a website works. Some of our websites and some of the emails you might get from us also contain small invisible images known as ‘web beacons’ or ‘tracking pixels’. These are used to count the number of times the page or email has been viewed and allows us to measure the effectiveness of its marketing and emails. These web beacons are anonymous and don’t contain or collect any information that identifies you.
We also use ‘affiliate’ cookies. Some of our web pages will contain promotional links to other companies’ sites. If you follow one of these links and then register with or buy something from that other site, a cookie is sometimes used to tell that other site that you came from one of our sites. That other site may then pay us a small amount for the successful referral. This works using a cookie. Learn how to manage your analytics cookies. (iv) Showing advertising that is relevant to your interests We sell space on some of our sites to advertisers. The resulting adverts often contain cookies. The advertiser uses the browsing information collected from these cookies to:
1. restrict the number of times you see the same ad (frequency capping);
2. and help show other ads that are relevant to you while you’re on our websites. This is often called online behavioral advertising (OBA). OBA is a way of using information about your web-browsing activity, collected by using cookies, to group you with other users into interest groups and show you advertisements based on those interests. The OBA data collected from cookies you get when you’re on our sites is only used to show relevant ads on our sites, not on other websites. Sometimes our websites contain ads for our own Newsthrottle llc products. These ads use cookies in the same way as described above. So how does OBA work? Let’s look at an example. Imagine you visit a website about travel. That website shows an advert and with that advert you receive a cookie. Imagine you then visit one of our websites which has an advert from the same advertiser you saw on the travel site. The advertiser will give you a new version of the cookie you received on the travel site. The advertiser can then use that cookie to recognize that you’ve previously been to a travel site and show you a relevant ad. Although the OBA data collected uses your browsing
activity to understand your interests, the data is anonymous and isn’t linked to you as a person. Even if you log in to our websites, the OBA data is still not linked to you. Neither we, nor the companies who show ads on our sites sell data collected from cookies to any other organizations. It’s easy to control interest based advertising and manage your cookies if you want to. Device Identifiers A Device Identifier is a tool with an equivalent function to that of a cookie which is used to target and track the effectiveness of content and advertising delivered to users of our mobile
applications. You can reset your Device Identifier at any time through the Advertising settings on your iPhone, or opt out of sending this information by setting the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ option located in the on your iPhone. Contacting us and accessing your personal information Any queries or comments about this privacy notice or if you wish to review or receive copies of the personal
information we hold about you should be sent to
We may charge a small administration fee (not exceeding
the maximum permitted by United States & Other Offshore
law) in relation to fulfilling a request for access to
personal information.